We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions that our clients usually have so that you do not have any doubts.


If you want to place an order, enter our shop, select Home delivery if you want your order at home or Pick up in shop if you prefer to come to the shop. Enter your address to find out which restaurant is closest to you. 

Once you have selected the restaurant, add the products to the shopping cart until the purchase is complete.

To check if we deliver in your area, go to our shop and enter your address  in the field provided. I f we do not deliver to your address, you can place an order and go to the nearest restaurant to enjoy our dishes.

Yes, the minimum order for lunch is 13,90€ and nights and weekends 15€.

No, shipping is free.

Once you have chosen the method of purchase, you will always see a button to modify the chosen method.

Our orders usually arrive within 30-40 minutes. On peak times and special days the delivery time may be slightly longer.

Before confirming your order, you can enter the promotional code in the Promotional Codesection of the order summary.

The points will appear in your account once the order is closed. So if you have just placed an order and don’t see your points immediately, don’t worry, they will be added once the delivery driver returns to the restaurant and confirms delivery of the order.

To cancel an order, you will need to telephone the restaurant you have ordered from. You can find the telephone number of the restaurant in question in our restaurant locator.

Our Menu

Yes, you can consult the list of allergens here.
All our products are made freshly and are intended to be consumed the same day. We do not recommend consumption beyond the day of purchase. If you decide to keep them, it is recommended that they are kept in the fridge. Miss Sushi cannot be held responsible in the event that any of our products are consumed after the day of purchase.

At Miss Sushi we have several 100% vegetable options, both for lovers of traditional Asian food and for the more daring. Check out our dishes in the menusection to discover them all.

You can find all the information about allergens in the description of our products. You can also consult the complete allergen menu in all our restaurants or by clicking here.

To see our lunch menu, go to the menusection. You can choose between 10 delicious starters and 11 main courses, drink and dessert or coffee.

The menu is available on the website and in the dining room from Monday to Friday at midday, except on public holidays.


For home delivery or collection you can pay by debit or credit card through the website. If you prefer, you can pay when we deliver your order by card, Restaurant Tickets or cash.

Have you already ordered?


To request an invoice, before finalising the payment, you have the delivery instructionsfield where you can leave us your comments.

You only have to add: I request invoice and the name of the company or natural person, address and CIF or NIF.

If you have already placed the order, you can request the invoice through our contact page by selecting in the “subject” field the option “administration and invoices”, and then select the restaurant you want to issue the invoice. Remember to include: Name of the company or individual, address and CIF or NIF.

You can consult the telephone number of the shop in question in our restaurant locator.

Each restaurant has different opening hours.

You can check this in the Restaurant Locator.

We have set up an e-mail address so that you can send us your complaints and queries, process complaints or send us suggestions.